While a large part of the world in under lockdown, I just would like to share a few thoughts with you guys.

What is easy under these circumstances:
- be scared
- keep gathering as many information as we can. In a compulsive way, I mean.
- Look for guidance

What is difficult:
- keep calm and hope in a bright future
- stay cold and factual

Look. As we said many times in this blog, we are human beings and look for guidance every single day.
More than even now, we expect our leaders to control this pandemic and keep us safe.

The reality is that in this very moment we are all learning and fighting, leaders make no exceptions.
We are learning how the virus behaves, how our body behaves, how drugs interact with the disease. And meanwhile we are fighting to keep our social status as we wanted to be prior COVID.
As we deserve to be after many years of hard work and dedication.

I don't have the solution in my pockets. But I am sure that in a few weeks our scientists will find it and governments will cooperate.
We need to keep working, hoping, talking and helping each other up to that moment in time.

Be positive and look at this challenge as an opportunity to experiment something new at home and reflect about your priorities. 
We will come back stronger.