What do you expect from your boss?

Although usually the question is raised viceversa and it's you to chase the boss's targets, the post is legitimate!

Regardless to a specific role or function, the awareness of the reciprocal expectations is advantageous for the boss as well as for her/his resources.  

It can bring mutual benefits and contribute to consolidate a positive climate, without necessarily putting under discussion the hierarchy.
However, while many companies have tools and institutionalized meetings to record the objectives and track performances VS goals, the employees' feedback about upper management is not always formally required nor welcome.

With that discussion downgraded to a sporadic coffee-machine chat, if any, the personal targets of the employees may not be taken in full consideration. Luckily, that is not an hard rule and an increasing number of modern organizations are veering toward open environments which promote a 2-ways communication, with the purpose to motivate personnel and subsequently increase the workforce productivity.

What do you expect from your boss?

Indeed, nothing is better than a one-to-one conversation to assess the rate of satisfaction of the employees but if the organization has a numerous population and the CEO wants to have a massive down top feedback in a relatively short timeframe, a company survey is a good choice to pursue. Expecially if it is anonymous.

Metrics and KPI can be drawn based on the results and the corrective actions, if identified, can be put in place quickly.

For mere fun, I created my own survey
It would be great to collect your thoughts.

The possible replies are the following and I am going to explain why they were chosen among myriad, hoping not to influence anybody's click (you can indicate more than one preference):

  • S/he always takes in consideration your opinion
I guess everybody is happy with the above. Not always people are encouraged to speak up and provide opinions, though. Is that on top of your list?
  • S/he strenuously protects the team
Well, be part of a strong team is a valuable target for all human beings...at work.. doing sport...etc..A strong team starts with a strong leader. Is it on top of your list?
  • S/he has a deep know-how of your job
People consider extremely important to have a boss who knows a lot about the context and the tasks they have to fulfil, a reference point to ask how to proceed in case of difficulties and a leader who can always teach and increase team expertize.  Is it on top of your list?
  • S/he bestows awards & recognitions
When you work hard and reach the extra mile, you want to be recognized, even better if publicy! Sometime happens, others not. Is it on top of your list?
  • S/he set priorities among your tasks
There are millions of things to do. It cannot be all a priority! There are people who want the boss to decide what has to be done first and others who won't. Is it on top of your list?
  • S/he promotes an integrity culture in your environment
Integrity is a very important ingredient of an health workplace. Self-explaining. Is it on top of your list?
  • S/he carefully balances the team workload
No matters whether you are experienced and good at yout job, while that novice joined the team only in last month. You want the overall workload is carefully distributed among the resources and be home before dinner!  Is it on top of your list?
So, here is the SURVEY:

Thanks for voting!