What can I do to be a leader?

Let's be honest. At least once everyone aspired to be recognized as an undisputed leader in a group of individuals.
No matter we are at work or we are playing a sport, all of us tend to scan people around and put our own skills under the spotlight. It happens by instict. As part of this same natural mechanism, all of us needs guidance. Someone to follow in order to learn something or to have protection, in order to increase our abilities or be told how to overcome an issue.
There's nothing bad or contradictory in that. For millions of years humans have been living together and have been strongly competing to be the best.

Getting Paid What You’re Worth

In a tough economy with many companies tightening their budgets, even experienced project managers may find it difficult to get paid what they are worth. Women in particular are often undervalued. Here are some things that you can do to prepare yourself for negotiating a salary that fits your skills.

Why do projects fail?

If we made that question to people that do not completely agree on what a project failure is, the thoughts we may gather about how a failure is determined would be inconsistent each other. Most likely.
As a matter of fact, the majority of the projects just fail when they go overbudget or have bad quality outcomes. However, it is not unusual to see projects in delay or consolidating extracosts which are still considered a success by the stakeholders.
So, let's try to go beyond, There is more than the mere mention of the most common triggers of a project failure.

Quality assurance VS quality control

The acronyms QA and QC are often inflated and waved as flags. But what's the real difference between quality assurance and quality control? And what's in those subjects for a project manager? 
The following article enables the reader to differentiate two elements which are fundamental for business success.

Mentor's pad - About recognition

Mentor's pad is the website corner which shows tips in pills. Just flash-posts about a specific topic, always indicated in the title. Enjoy!

One of the things which everyone intimately seeks in life as well as at work is to be admired by others
It is an innate need which you can leverage on as a leader. Due to our social nature, our happiness comes as a result of being personally recognized more than as a consequence of getting something which we miss. With differences from individual to individual given by the context and the circumstances, people are generally encouraged to exceed in the next task every time they are given compliments for an effort made.