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The notion of leadership in today's society is still associated with the picture of a rude man who pounds the fist on the table and gets the job done by intimidating people.
I'll never get tired of saying that the above picture represents the opposite of an authentic leader.

THE AUTHENTIC LEADERSHIP. While a "muscular" approach holds true for a boxing match or for surviving in a military hierarchy, it has nothing to do with the so called leadership.

When you are part of an organization and you need to enforce your rules without being in position to leverage on a direct authority on people, what really makes the difference is your ability to listen, inspire, influence and avoid any dissent by means of your charisma. Whether you want to lead a group of people in a shop or a in an office, a virtuous and positive attitude matters more than the ability to kick around and overwhelm the others with dread.

The authentic leader knows that an autocratic behavior does not build a trusting relationship with people over time.
The results possibly obtained by hitting knuckles and by surrounding ourselves with a bunch of scared "yes-men" take a heavy toll: at the first opportunity, that manager will be isolated and not followed.